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Run for Boston

Tonight, the Brickell Run Club held a run in honor of the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Several runners in attendance had run that marathon before and others knew friends who were there. It was awe-inspiring and humbling to see how in the face of tragedy, people come together to reaffirm the good in the world.

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Geishel Valverde and others stand together in a moment of silence for 26.2 seconds. Brickell Run club hosted this run in honor of the people injured from the Boston Marathon bombs the day before. Over 1,000 runners came out to show their support. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Ken Bereski embraces his friend at the start of the run. Bereski was at the Marathon and witnessed the bombs. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)


MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: During the National Anthem, runners surrounded the american flag that hangs at the ING marathon. Each runner held onto the flag while they silently listened to the song. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Libia Martinez put on her bib, made special for this run. All the runners who came out wore these memorial bibs to show their solidarity. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Lalo Senior ad his wife made shirts special for the run. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Around a thousand runners gathered in the parking lot of the Fortune International building before the run began. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: A group of runners who had done the Boston Marathon before were honored in front of the crowd. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)

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MIAMI, FL – April 16, 2013: Runners head out on the course. Because of the sheer number of people who came out, Miami-Dade Police were on site to help direct traffic around the runners. (Photo by Cayla Nimmo)